Experts have begun to survey trees and shrubs in the Park at a recreation center "Sovremennik"

Experts have begun to survey trees and shrubs in the Park at a recreation center Specialists of supervision, improvement division of the Department of housing since February 7, proceeded to survey trees and shrubs in the Park "Contemporary". About this informed the head of forest supervision Sergei Sokolov.Summer in the Park "Contemporary" will begin a large landscaping work, - commented Sergey Valentinovich. - Before the builders will begin the implementation of the project, we assess the health of trees and to note how necessary sanitary, and how deep molding or trim. Park area 101,188 square meters was formed in the forest area over time during the formation of paths and alleys were planted poplars, elms, cherry. The plans on the spot dried cherry bushes in the summer it is better to plant a beautiful spruce.The outcome of the survey of the Park in five days. In March, experts from the Department of improvement will begin pruning trees, shrubs and removal of dead wood.. Читать полностью -->

No Parking

No Parking  In the traffic police of Angarsk received a letter from the leadership of the traffic police of Irkutsk region.It turns out that in our whole region is not executed Federal law, according to which socially significant facilities should be equipped with special Parking for vehicles of persons with disabilities.The local traffic police conducted a survey of city Parking. And in fact, none of the hospitals or at the building of the Pension Fund, social protection and even the administration does not have such facilities. There are no they and in the shopping centres and cinemas. By law, 10% of the total area of Parking should be allocated special markings and appropriate signage, and to leave the machine only by persons with disabilities.The act makes some sense. This is still in our city there is no problem with Parking. And if you look at the neighboring Irkutsk, justice of such claims does not cause problems. Читать полностью -->

The courtyard of our heroes

The courtyard of our heroes  This summer, 31 August, in one of apartments of the house в„–16 in the district 7 was a fire. Thanks to all the neighbors in the fire no one was hurt. From the balcony of a burning apartment Dmitry ZALUTSKY evacuated two WHITE sisters, a cat and a dog.The day 6-year-old Ksenia was unwell, and mother took her to kindergarten, leaving the house with her older sister, 7-year-old Sophia. In the first hour of the day the girls played on the bed for some reason they did not like the label on a new blanket. Little sister decided to eliminate the extra detail with the aid of lighters, which parents included gas furnace. The girl saw where mom hides the lighter, and pulled it out of the closet, climbed on the table.Together with the label flashed and a blanket. Читать полностью -->

Gifts Siberian summer for the Angarsk

Gifts Siberian summer for the Angarsk  At the end of summer, the Department for social policy of administration of the city of Angarsk in conjunction with the club gardeners 'Academy in the beds" hold exhibitions and sales "Gifts Siberian summer".The fair will be presented a wide range of vegetables, fruits, honey bee, bee products, flowers, garden plants and related products:The exhibition and sale will be held on Lenin square: 27 August, 3, 10, 17th September from 10.00 to 16.00In district 12A opposite the cinema "Rodina": 10, 17, 24 September from 10.00 to 16.00We invite the Angarsk and visitors to the city for shopping.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

As the mayor was not in his place

As the mayor was not in his place  Usually on the topic of dual power are we talking seriously, counting how many of Angarsk pay for the maintenance of the two armies of officials, buildings, where they sit, how uncomfortable it is distributed powers between overlapping structures. But sometimes the cost of the consequences of the 131-year law literally to reach anecdotal situations.So, a week ago in a gray house rocked by another scandal. Leonid MIKHAILOV, the head of the city, came to work and found the office door to the reception area (located on the third floor in a gray house) sealed by the head of security of the administration building of the AMO.Let me remind you that the city administration recently moved to the building of the hotel "Sayan". In a gray house from the city authorities had only the mayor, office of the city Duma and public reception. The district administration began to insist that all employees of the city administration has already gathered in one place, "Sayan mountains", and he fooled people's heads.- People watching on the building a sign of the city administration, go to the Chapter and get to me with those problems that should be solved by Leonid Mikhailov. I have to be distracted by the issues that must be decided by the Chapter, commented on their actions, the mayor V. Читать полностью -->

The Angarsk buses continues trial operation of equipment account for on the social cards

The Angarsk buses continues trial operation of equipment account for on the social cards  Terminals registration of travel in the buses of the city of Angarsk works intermittently. About it and about the rules of using electronic cards was discussed at a workshop chaired by the head of transport Department Ivan Lukyanov with the participation of General Director of CJSC "Baikal transport system" Oleg Perfilyev and chief engineer of JSC "Convoy 1948" Artem Bondarev.According to Oleg Perfilyev, in January and February in buses continues trial operation of the equipment for the purpose of Troubleshooting. - Pilot operation of the new system in other cities lasted for six months, " commented Artem Plotnikov. - No additional action with electronic map from Angarsk is not required, the card is issued in January, will be valid and in February. Those citizens who do not have time in January to get e-cards, will be able to buy them at the bus station in the information window "Baikal transport system". If passengers have any questions on the use of the card, they can call 528 528.The management of road transport enterprises of JSC "Convoy 1948 and 19 50" held a meeting with their drivers that they are in the period of equipment testing, debugging, system was explained to the owners e-cards, pensioners and disabled that the basic document for travelling in buses is a paper ticket. Читать полностью -->

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